Hand crafted Solutions

We design Software carefully to solve your problems.

Wether you are in need of a performance critical native application to perform time sensitive calculations, a background service for reporting or just a simple note taking extension for your favorite program.

Integrated in your Environment

Everything fits well together.

Sending generated reports per E-Mail, connecting the new Monitoring Application to your production site, configuring a calculation via Microsoft Excel®. Familiar tools will be integrated into a seamless experience.

Accessible everywhere

Our web based solutions reach your whole company.

Communication and collaboration focused web projects enhance your productivity. Real time monitoring on your smartphone, working together on documents, notification systems; use the power of web centered applications to your advantage.



We develop a custom software which solves your problem. Based on your requirements we implement a solution and stay on your side the whole way, even after the delivery.


You have different software products and we glue them together. We provide tools and services to make your data available in the application you need it in.


The software you have almost fulfills your needs. Let us go the extra mile for you. We extend your software to maximize your productivity.


We provide tools to optimize your workflow. Automate repetitive tasks like import and export, data cleaning, generating documents and much more.